Danny Yee
Hiroyuki Mukaibo
Moon Soo (M.S.) Kim
Danny Yee, Director & Founder

Aktis Hanxi Group & Aktis Capital Advisory Ltd.

Founding partner of Aktis Hanxi Group, Danny Yee is a non-executive director of Pan Asian Mortgage Company Ltd., a pioneer of many innovative mortgage products for the Hong Kong home owner. Prior to his role in Aktis, Mr. Yee worked at Goldman Sachs & Co. (GS) for nineteen years and was a Participating Managing Director of GS prior to his retirement in 2000. He was a director of the GS Special Opportunities Fund between 1997 and 2000. For the past 17 years he has involved himself in cross border direct investment in Asia and has built an extensive network of contacts and specific industry partners as reference points for deal validation. Mr. Yee was Senior Advisor to the board of Bank of China International in Hong Kong between 2001 and 2005.

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Hiroyuki Mukaibo, Director, Chief Investment Officer & Founder

Aktis Capital Advisory Ltd.

Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer and founder of Aktis Hong Kong, Hiroyuki Mukaibo has over 29 years experience in the financial industry. Mr. Mukaibo provides advisory on global macro hedge fund and on direct investments within the Asian emerging markets. Prior to his role in the Aktis Capital Group, he was the Managing Director of Book Field Capital Ltd. and was Head of Foreign Exchange of the most prestigious investment banks including Citibank, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse First Boston and Lehman Brothers.

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Moon Soo (M.S.) Kim, Principal

Aktis Group


Mr Kim is responsible for leading the expansion of Aktis Group in Non-Japan Asia, with a strong focus on South East Asia as well as South Korea. After completing his degree from Korea University in 1990, he began his career as a Portfolio Manager in International Trading Department at Korea Development Bank (KDB), in Seoul. He then served as the Executive Director for Fixed Income, Currency & Commodities at Goldman Sachs Asia before becoming Head of Korea Team for Equity Derivatives at Citi Global Markets Asia. Mr. Kim also held senior management positions at Merrill Lynch HK, Deutsche Securities Korea, KDB Asia Ltd, SK Securities Investment Asia and Prince Capital Management prior to joining Aktis Group in 2013. With over 25 years of financial experience and the successful execution of deals with in excess of USD 2.2bn, Mr. Kim provides the necessary expertise to lead Aktis Group's expansion into the Non-Japan Asia markets.

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